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If you're looking for easy tips to get started on eco-friendly landscaping, we can help. Schedule a free visit from us to your property. We'll keep your goals and resources in mind – both time and money – as we assess your property and offer information and ideas. If you're just getting started you'll find that in many cases, simple modifications can go a long way. Lake County properties only.

Our visits focus on native plants, rainwater, lawns and invasive species, and take up to 75 minutes (properties over one acre may take longer).

  • We will let you know we’ve arrived and will use several minutes to walk your property on our own to get a quick overview of the site.
  • We will then invite you to show us around. Let us know if you have a particular issue of concern or an upcoming project of note. Also let us know if you’re hoping to check out for a property certification.
  • We will help you identify any ecological treasures you might have and also look at areas for consideration. 
  • After our visit, you will receive a follow-up email with key recommendations or resources. You will also begin to receive occasional tips and notices of events where you can connect with kindred spirits, such as our festive annual meeting which attracts hundreds each spring.  

There is no fee for this visit or certifications but as a non-profit conservation organization we always welcome donations to support our work, which are tax-deductible.

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