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An eclectic assortment of information about native landscaping and our natural resources. If you are looking for a listing of products and service providers, visit our Local Vendors page.

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Native Trees and Shrubs of Northeastern Illinois


Interesting Reading

What is a Tree Worth?

The Importance of Local Ecotypes

The Case for Sustainable Landscapes

Pre-settlement Vegetation of Lake County

Model Water Conservation Ordinances

Measuring Environmental Value for Natural Lawn and Garden

City of Chicago Guide to Land Based Invasive Plants

Lake County Soil Survey

Invasive Plants ID and Control

Invasive Plants Herbiciding Rates and Timing

Impact of Invasives on Pollinators

How to Control Buckthorn

Guidelines for Managing a Restoration Project

Economics of Native Plants in Residential Landscape Designs

Critical Trends in Lake County Watersheds

Best Native Plants for Streams and Shorelines

Nine questions to ask your organic lawn care company


"How To" Resources

How to Trim Trees and Shrubs

Build Your Own Rain Garden

Fertilizing Your Garden Organically

Organic Lawn Care 101



Our favorite sustainable landscaping books



Online Resources

Tips for Wildlife Encounters




All Things Birds

Bird Identification InfoCenter

All Things Bird