We invite you to lend us your time. You can learn new skills, meet great people, get some fresh air, strengthen the community and set a good example for others. Perhaps most important, you can help us achieve results that are otherwise beyond our reach. It's rewarding work that's easy to learn.

Workday Volunteer

Do you enjoy the out-of-doors and the chance to work directly with the land? Whether your favorite tool is a chain saw or gardening shears, we've got the thing for you – our monthly workday. On the second Saturday of each month, we organize a restoration workday to steward one of two special sites owned by Libertyville Township. These places are so ecologically valuable they're part of the Illinois Nature Preserve system. Over the years, volunteers have made a huge difference in the ecological health of these sites. Workday activities range from seed collecting and trail maintenance to brush clearing and controlled burning. You'll meet good people and learn a lot in the process. See our events calendar for information.

Special Events Volunteer

We put on several events a year including our Annual Meeting in Spring and our Prairie Harvest Celebration benefit in the fall. We can always use an extra set of hands to help with various aspects of these events.

Office Work Volunteer

We occassionally have large mailings and can use help stuffing envelopes. File management is also time consuming so volunteering your time helps free up staff for important program work. Some work can be done from your own home.

To learn more about volunteering call 847.548.5989 ext. 33 or contact us.