planned-giving-pathPlanned Giving

Planned giving is part of complete financial planning. It's deciding to use a significant portion of your financial assets, now or after you've passed away, to make the world a better place and taking the legal steps necessary for that to happen.

If the land and water of Lake County have been important to you and your family, then making a planned gift to Conserve Lake County is a way to leave a lasting legacy you'll feel good about. As the only county-wide, professionally-staffed conservation non-profit dedicated to Lake County, we're playing an important role. We're preserving open land, helping people to value nature, and providing the advice and guidance they need to be good land stewards.

Nature gives so much to Lake County and its residents, but it's dependent, more than ever, on people. Who speaks for the oaks? For the prairies and streams? For the sandhill cranes and other wildlife that cannot vote but whose existence depends on the decisions people make? We speak and act for nature and are a catalyst for other people and organizations to do that as well. Your gift will help us continue to play that role long into the future so that the gifts that nature gives to the communities of Lake County will continue to be given.

The way most people make a planned gift is by naming a charity or charities in their will. Sad to say, more than half of adult Americans die without a will. If you don't have one, please do yourself and your loved ones a big favor by having one drawn up today. And please consider including Conserve Lake County.

Contact us if you have questions about planned giving or want to simply let us know that you are including us in your will.