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Casey Farm
Land Purchase
34 Acres Preserved 

success-casey-barn“Mrs. Casey’s farmhouse seemed familiar and comforting. It even smelled like my Grandma’s home. We shared some pie I had baked with apples from Al’s...


business-suppport-groupBusiness Support

It's a natural for businesses to support Conserve Lake County. We are an effective, strategic, cost-conscious organization that makes a difference for the quality of life of Lake County's communities by working to take care of nature. A good quality of life here is good for your customers and staff who live here and good for the long-term future of your business.

There are many ways for businesses and other organizations to support our work. Many businesses and organizations sponsor our events, including our annual meeting and Prairie Harvest Celebration. Sponsorship is a great a way to help us while also communicating to people and other businesses that you care about nature in Lake County. Some businesses and organizations also have charitable giving programs and/or foundations through which they make donations and grants to If your organization has such a program or foundation that we might qualify for, please let us know.

business-support-reiThere are other ways to help, too. We receive many in-kind donations from businesses, including services that are extremely helpful to us. Mariani Landscape, for example, donated plant materials and a crew to help us and Libertyville Township speed up a land restoration project. And when your organization is looking for a way for its employees to volunteer together in a fun and meaningful way, consider contacting us as well. We have many outdoor activities through which your staff can give back to nature while building team spirit.

Contact us to learn more about Conserve Lake County and how your business can pitch in to help.