Rainwater Projects

Have you ever thought about where the rainwater goes on your property? In days gone by, most rainwater soaked into the ground but today that option is frequently cut off by buildings, parking lots, streets and even heavily compacted lawns. So the water gets channeled – quickly – into streets, sewers and pipes where it's whisked off to the nearest wetland, lake or stream. The streams can hold only so much before spilling their banks, which is part of why we see erosion and flooding here in Lake County.

By watching and learning where the water goes on your property, you can take steps to help keep the water where it belongs, in the ground or in your own beautiful rain garden. Here are some projects to consider.

Project 1 – Redirect your downspouts (coming soon)

Project 2 – Install a rain barrel (coming soon)

Project 3 – Plant a rain garden (coming soon)

Build Your Own Rain Garden

Project 4 – Plant native trees or other native plants (coming soon)

Project 5 – Create a healthy lawn (coming soon)

Project 6 – Install a cistern or rain bladder (coming soon)

Project 7 – Install a permeable walkway or driveway (coming soon)

Project 8 – Install a green roof (coming soon)