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Plants can be picky. Some want sunlight. Some want shade. Don't even get us started on soil moisture. People can be picky, too. We want red leaves in fall. White flowers in spring. We want it just this tall and no taller.

When we created a website for our online native plant sale in 2013, we discovered that it also makes a great plant finder and is a valuable tool for plant identification and planning your own native garden. Look for Conserve Lake County's spring and fall plant sales on our website and Facebook page. Visit the Conserve Lake County Native Plant Sale website.

Here's a list of tree and shrubs native to northeastern Illinois. Native Trees and Shrubs

You can also explore native plants at the websites of some of our favorite plant providers.

Natural Garden Natives
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Why should I choose Native Plants?

The first step to eco-friendly landscaping is using native plants. Native plants tend to have deep roots that build rich soil. Those roots aid in both water purification and rainwater absorption. And they provide essential food chain links – many of which have become broken but are good candidates for repair. They are beautiful too! Read More