Land Stewardship 

restoration-volunteersDid you know Lake County supports the state's richest collection of native plants and wildlife? It's true – due to our location and landforms, we are a veritable hotspot of ecosystems. That's why caring for land is so important.

The vibrant landscapes around us provide wildlife habitat, flood control, clean air, and places for people to live, work and play. But these lands face a number of challenges, and thoughtful actions are needed to support their health. Even small steps can make a big difference.

Lake County residents have a strong tradition of caring about land and water conservation, and we're here to help.

Natural Area Stewardship

  • We work with private landowners with large properties to figure out the best strategies for land management. Contact us if you would like to explore about options for your land.
  • We partner with Libertyville Township to do ecological restoration and land management in their Open Space District's Oak Openings and Liberty Prairie Nature Preserves and other properties. Our monthly volunteer restoration workdays help steward these preserves.

land-stewardship-jeffEco-friendly Lawn and Garden Care

  • Your landscape can look beautiful while supporting the celebrated natural heritage of Lake County. Simple steps go a long way toward helping the songbirds, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife making their homes here. Learn about the resources available through our Conservation@Home program.

Farmland Stewardship

  • Good agricultural practices build rich soil and keep our streams and lakes clean. We're proud of Lake County's farmers and farm heritage, and we work to support sustainable farming practices and local food production through our work with a Local Farming Initiative. 

Read about our Land Stewardship partners