Native Plant Sale

We offer two online plant sales each year. Check back in the spring to see the dates for our next sale!

Why Native Plants?
cah-welcome-monarchNothing helps soil, water or ecosystems like natives. You'll be delighted with the profusion of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses to choose from at our Plant Sale, and many work well in designs ranging from formal to casual. 

Native plants evolved under local climate and soils – so they're hardy and require little in the way of watering once they're established. Native plants tend to have deep roots that build rich soil. Those roots aid in both water purification and rainwater absorption. Most important, they provide essential food chain links for songbirds and butterflies – both of which will become regular visitors.

All proceeds support Conserve Lake County including our Conservation@Home program, which helps county residents who want to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their home and business landscapes.


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